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Tenkoo Solar Lights Reviews


Customers say

"Purchased two of these in September and I installed them on a 15 feet tall pole on the side of our front yard. One worked perfectly well .The other one did not. I contacted their Customer Service by email several times and their response everytime was excellent. They were very helpful and guided me with instructions on how to fix it. After several attempts to make it work...I emailed them that I give up. That was when that they decided to send me a brand new one ! Thank you so much Tenkoo. It has been a great experience dealing with you. You deserve higher than 5 stars! The best! I will not hesitate buying products again from you in the near future.."

December 5, 2017

"Exactly what we needed, we installed this solar light at backyard near the greenhouse...it brighten up a wide area. I can save electrical cost by using this solar light to replace electrical lights. And we also love the fact they get brighter when you pass by it. It works well even thought in cloudy winter day."

January 3, 2018

Works great for places that do not have electrical wiring

The Tenkoo LED Solar Light is great option for places that don’t have electrical wiring but you really want a light there. The light seems solidly constructed and made with heavy duty material. I expected it to be feather light and made of plastic but surprisingly it is heavy. We mounted the Tenkoo solar light to the top of our deck and we are very happy with it. The light is bright enough to clearly see the stairs beneath it but not so bright that it is blinding. The light comes in when it is dark, stays on, becomes brighter when the motion sensor is trigger and automatically shuts off when it’s daylight. We have had a couple of days of hard rain and the light still performed well with no indicators of water damage. Despite some dreary days typical of fall in Ohio and this light stays on until about 4am. I am very pleased with the light and plan on purchasing another to place on my shed at the back of our property.

March 10, 2019


Customer Testimonials

" Very easy to install and one button to press...you can't go wrong with this solar street light. we are using this street light in Vancouver, BC, Canada...with the sufficient amount of sunlight during day battery gets charged each day and it works throughout the night...Good thing about this light is that it is pre-programmed. so, you don't have to do anything. it will turn on when its dusk and turn off when its dawn. here is the kicker about this light its got motion sensor built it ..so when you near light it will get brighten. having said everything this is good investment you are going to make! "

Arun S.
March 10, 2019

"I received my package on Friday and I could not wait to mount it right away. I was like a child with a new toy.
The light feels sturdy, and I could see stainless steel fasteners so I should have no issues with rust.
The brightness is acceptable, 10W, but ten watts without wires is priceless.
If it continues to perform as well as it has so far, I will be ordering as many as six to ten more, one a month because of cost. Possibly the ones with higher wattage. The manufacturer has a good variety of wattage."

― Captain M
January 21, 2019

Fantastic product, and amazing Value

"This is such a great product on a number of levels - build quality - materials quality - functions - performance - ease to install - ease to use - design.
Build quality - This is a great light in how it is put together. Everything is really solid and there is nothing loose.
Materials quality - The materials used to construct the light are really strong. Even though the light housing is really lightweight it is really strong.
Functions - The light works fantastically in the ways it is supposed to. It charges from the sun so no electric wires need to be run to it. It comes on automatically at nighttime, and goes off again in the morning, and when it senses movement within a range of what I determine to be 15 feet, the light changes from dim to full power instantly.
Performance - The motion sensing works really quickly, and when it goes full power, that is something an intruder should find unsettling.
Ease to install - With the included pole, bracket and nuts and bolts installation takes about 15 minutes.
Ease to use - It couldn’t be easier. Just power the unit on by holding the power button for 3 seconds to switch it on before you install the light, and then it just does what it is supposed to do without you needing to do anything further.
Design - The light looks really nice once it is in place, and looks like something that costs more than it is currently selling for.
In regards to saving money on not needing an electrician to drop power to that location, I estimate I saved at least $400 there, and whatever I will save from not powering the light - that makes me very happy.
Even though the light extends out a bit with the short pole that attaches to the pole you have in the ground, the light is not heavy so it doesn’t put any stress on the pole. The light can also be secured to a wall instead of a pole if you prefer.

March 27, 2019

"I've used this lights for four months and I am very impressed. They stay on all night, even on cloudy days (5 consecutive days so far). It uses its maximum light for a percentage of the time at the start of the night, then dims after that, and It's still bright enough to replace the lighting of an electric light bulb. Motion sensor is accurate and gets brighter as you activate it. I did had a problem with one of the lights, however, customer service was very quick to respond and replace the light. I will be ordering more to replace the remaining light bulbs I still have outside. I will be recommending this product. Right now I have both the 25w and 30w solar lights. "

August 15, 2018

" I don’t just want to feel safe, I need to feel safe - We have had 2 instances in the 7 weeks of uninvited guests on our screen in back porch. The first one was at 2am and my wife looked through the blinds on the door that lead from our bedroom to the patio. When she switched on the flashlight from her phone she saw someone running away.

Needless to say, having lived in this house and having never had a 'security problem' we were all on edge and I knew we needed to do something. Since then, I have installed a camera that is motion sensing, has night vision, and I can view from phone, and I also got a different mains powered motion sensing light that goes on the covered carport at the front of the house, and finally I got a stun gun flashlight for when I take the dog out to pee at around midnight.

I selected the 15 watt light to keep the backyard lit up because I believed it would make me feel safer. Before I could get that light fully setup and mounted to a pole, we had another incident of noise in the same screened in patio at around 3am. This was before I had the new camera or lights setup. This time I also called the cops. When the cop arrived, and in our conversation I asked if lights were a good idea, he said yes, “lights are your best friend against intruders”.

Now I have the night vision camera set up, stun gun beside my bed, 2 more lights that I can turn on inside the screened in porch using an app on my phone, and the Tenkoo 15 watt light installed right over the back porch door, but I still didn’t have enough light all the way back to the fence so I got the Tenkoo 25 watt solar powered motion sensing light to add to my security features.

I mounted to the wall in the middle of the back wall on my house so it lights all the way to the left and to the right, and if I walk into my porch area, and look out to the yard at night I can easily see my entire yard, and I finally feel safe again. I just had 3 consecutive days of sunshine here, and I wanted to see how long the light will be powered for, and the light came on some time around 6 or 6:30 in the evening, and it was still on the next morning when I got up at 5am and then went off automatically sometime before sunrise at 7am. Including cutting a 30 foot aluminium pole in half to mount the light to, setup took me about 10 to 15 minutes.
Seriously strong materials used to build the light
Rust proof body
25 watts of power provides 2500 lumens which is equivalent to a 300 watt incandescent bulb
Almost the entire top of the light is covered in solar panels
Setup is easy - just use the included bracket and nuts and bolts to attach the light to a pole
Motion sensing function makes the light brighter when it senses movement
Completely waterproof
Charges in 6 to 8 hours depending on the amount of sun throughout the day
Switches on when it gets dark, and turns off again when the sun comes up in the morning
You just set it in place and forget about it
No maintenance
No bulbs to change
No power to run to the light
High powered 12V 1200mAh battery
Amazing customer service - I had 2 issues that I needed help with and they are super responsive to emails
It has a 3 year warranty
That is worth repeating - It has a 3 year warranty

ccc on May 25, 2018

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